Poconos Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples

Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples in Paconos, Pennsylvania

Are you growing tired of city life and you wish to spend a few moments with your loved one during the weekend? You’re in luck because you do have a very excellent choice. There are plenty of Poconos romantic weekend getaways you can do.

The Paconos region is actually part of Pennsylvania. It’s a favorite tourist destination for those who are living near the state, such as Philadelphia and New York (NY). After all, the beautiful sceneries and the various trails allow two people to do a lot of activities during the weekend. They are not constrained with the usual dinner setup.

But what can you exactly do at Pocono? Let us try to count the ways:

1. Enjoy the waters.

The biggest lake in Pennsylvania known as Lake Wallenpaupack isn’t only ideal for fishing; but you can also sail or cruise, snorkel, swim, and even scuba dive. You can bring your equipment with you, or you can opt to rent them at those rental stations found near the lake. Don’t forget to bring those picnic baskets.

2. Hike through the Appalachian Trail.

If both of you are adventurous and you want to work on those legs, then you can simply follow the hiking trail of the Appalachian Mountains that actually start from Maine and end in Georgia (GA). It’s definitely going to be a long walk, but you will surely not mind the sweat and the weary when you can see picturesque sceneries and dense rainforests. You can even see a number of animals along the way. What’s more, there are a lot of people who take on the same route, so you can surely widen both of your networks by getting to know other couples.

3. Treat yourself to luxury.

If you have some money to spare, you can always opt to relax in a spa or a massage salon right at Poconos. There are actually a number of resorts that you can choose from. There are also some night clubs and bars that you can hit, if you want to add some dancing and singing during your weekend romatic getaway. A good example will be the Mount Airy Lodge, which don’t charge any cover fees to the guest, though they have a dinner and show bundle that you can get for a mere $35.

4. Go horseback riding.

Poconos Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples

Poconos Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples

There are some farms and stables that offer horseback riding adventures to couples. You can hire them as you follow the different mountain trails. They are normally offered the whole year round, at a rate of between $6 and $10 every hour. If you aren’t comfortable riding alone, though, both of you can definitely share a horse. You can even save some bucks.

Indeed, Poconos romantic weekend getaways are ones you should seriously consider. If you need more excellent ideas, check out some affordable deals at the World Wide Web or in your local travel agency. After all, for your loved one, you’ll definitely going to go for the extra mile.