Great Ideas to Choose From for Your Romatic Weekend Getaways for couples

Romatic Weekend Getaways ideas for couples

If your wife starts to wear that huge pout on her lips or if your girlfriend doesn’t like to talk to you anymore, perhaps you are not giving them the time that they deserve. Nevertheless, it’s not too late to make amends and place that smile on their faces once again. All you need to do is to look for simple but truly romantic weekend getaways.

There are a lot of ways to bring the romance and passion again even for just a few days. You can start with the following excellent ideas:

1. Join a cruise.

You really don’t need to travel from one country to another, just to become part of a cruise. If you’re living near a lake or a river, you can check out your community if there are organized cruises around. Normally, it wouldn’t last long, probably 2 to 3 hours the most, and is very cheap. If not, you can simply rent a kayak or a boat and sail away in quiet waters, such as in a lagoon inside a nature park.

2. Stay in cottages or B&B.

romantic weekend getaways

romantic weekend getaways

You can skip the city life for a while or dining in a posh restaurant. During weekends, both of you can travel to the countryside, where you can be one with nature and away from the weariness and pressure brought by work and other commitments. Accommodation is actually not a problem since there are cottages and bed and breakfasts that you can stay in. They may not be as grand and as elegant as hotels, but they are very charming and possess rustic appeal, an excellent complement to the romantic mood that you’re trying to set.

3. Camp. Want to have a very unusual trip?

You can bring along your tents and some clothes and camp. There are a lot of camping grounds all over the country that you will surely never run out of choices. They even have their own facilities, such as cabins, where you can stay during the weekend just in case you don’t have the necessary tents with you. There are also others that accept trailer vans. At night, you can set up a bonfire and talk about those beautiful days before and ahead while barbecuing hotdog will mallows.

4. Take a road trip.

Just when you thought that a joy ride can be the most boring thing both of you can do, think again. In case you don’t know, from tip to tip, there are a lot of great roads and sceneries that are truly ideal for picturesque drives. What’s more, there is a great sense of adventure, since you will be stopping from one place to another. If you worry about food and accommodation, then you have to keep in mind that there are plenty of joints, diners, and motels that you can stay in. They don’t cost a lot, but they can provide you with what you need, especially when you’re on the move. Just to get away with the boredom, don’t forget to download songs in and save them in your iPod.

You see, you don’t need to be too far away for your romantic weekend getaways. You just need to be creative.