Best destinations for Inexpensive Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples

Inexpensive Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples

Romantic getaways are enticing, and everyone needs it every now and then. However, it is also natural for lovers and couples to go on a tight budget. Here are some inexpensive romantic weekend getaways that anyone can afford and enjoy.

Acadia National Park

Best destinations for Inexpensive Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples

Best destinations for Inexpensive Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples

Acadia National Park is located in New England. The park is notable for being the first ever national park to be built eastwards of Mississippi. Couples would particularly appreciate the magnificent views of the park’s coastal terrain. Inside the park itself, visitors can find more than 500 plant species, and 300 kinds of birds. The highest East Coast peak can also be found in Acadia, towering an impressive 1,530 feet above sea level.

The park is best experienced through camping, hiking, and mountain biking. If you’re looking to enjoy a quiet and secluded weekend vacation, it is best to visit the park during the fall because it is off-season and there are not much visitors to the park.


The state of Colorado itself is a perfect place for a romantic weekend getaway. In here, you can enjoy a variety of activities. For the couples who are climbing enthusiasts, the state has a thousand peaks which reach up to 10,000 feet in height. It also has 54 peaks higher than 10,000, the tallest among them 14,000 feet. Other recreational activities that can make for an unforgettable romantic weekend getaway in Colorado include fishing, skiing, hunting, and golfing. These are but a few of what you could do. Of course, you can always sight-see.

Biltmore House

The Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina is a perfect spot to visit if you and your loved one is up for some history. The chateau, which is inspired by French architecture, was once the home of George Washington Vanderbilt. It is still owned by Vanderbilt’s descendants, much it has been reduced by 85,000 acres after the widow of Vanderbilt sold that land to the federal government. These 85,000 acres were then converted to the Pisgah National Forest which you can also visit for your weekend getaway. The estate itself on which the house stands is in itself 8,000 acres and is a National Historic Landmark. All in all, the house is a showcase of rich history during its heyday, including a display of how a Biltmore House maid could’ve lived at those times.

Poconos, PA

The Poconos in Pennsylvania is another example of inexpensive romantic weekend getaways. The place offers six great lakes, which you and your loved one can use to enjoy yourself. You can just simply relax, or you can go boating, fishing or swimming in the waters. There are rental homes in Poconos that offer lodging up in the Pocono Mountains, which are perfect for a quiet and private weekend. Of course, you can always go down to the local area and sample its offerings. You can go horseback riding, or if you have a lot of fun, you can try joining a game of paintball. You can also try the many rides in the amusement parks, or have some excitement while jetskiing in the Lake Wallenpaupack.