Diamond Coast, perfect destination for weekend gateways for couples

Diamond Coast getaways couples

Diamond Coast, perfect destination for weekend gateways for couples

Palm Beach County is huge, occupying 2,386 square miles – roughly the size of the state of Delaware – and stretching from the Everglades to the Atlantic Ocean. Though it is Florida’s most populous county, home to 1.25 million South Floridians, this area was somehow missed by early Spanish conquistadors and explorers. The entrepreneur Henry Flagler made up for the lost time in ht elate 19th century, when he became Florida’s first big-time developer. Palm Beach became the terminus of his Florida East coast Railway in 1893. (Eventually it would be extended to Miami and then Key West.) he settled down here, building a colossal mansion (“Whitehall”) that is now a museum. Flagler set an upscale example that many have tried to follow – especially in Palm Beach proper, an enclave of walled estates and obscene wealth located on the 14-mile island of Palm Beach. The words “Palm Beach” are synonymous with the good life for those who have made it (or inherited it) and are now working hard to spend it in a land of sun, sin, and peaceful decadence.

We call Palm Beach County the Diamond Coast, because it is dripping both with real gems, and bejeweled waters. The county is kissed by the Gulf Stream – the closest that this warm current swings toward land. Thanks to its moderating effect, Palm Beach County’s 47 miles of beaches are comfortable all year log. There are swimming areas at all 13 of the county’s beach parks, and they’re life guarded year-round (7:30am – 5:30pm). Moreover, they’re free of charge (except for parking fees at two of them).

Diamond Coast getaways couples
Diamond Coast getaways couples

The city of Palm Beach is, true to its reputation, an epicenter of snobbery. Better beaches are located in less pretentious towns like Delray Beach, Juno Beach, and Riviera Beach. Even snooty Boca Raton is far preferable, having had the uncommon foresight to purchase its oceanfront acreage in the 1970’s, converting it into a string of lovely, contiguous municipal beach parks.

Those beaches, unfortunately, got hammered when Hurricane Wilma blew through in late October 2005. The hurricane caused severe beach erosion along parts of the Palm Beach coast, and beach parks reopened slowly in its wake. The county suffered massive protracted power outages, and schools were closed for two weeks. Palm Beach County had largely been spared the wrath of the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons but couldn’t dodge this unfortunate bullet, which set hurricane records both for barometric pressure and for the rapidity at which it strengthened.

Delray Beach

From an enlightened traveler’s perspective, Delray Beach is the light at the end of Palm Beach’s tunnel of moneyed self-absorption. For beach lovers, it’s the bucket of golden sand at he end of the asphalt rainbow. It is the ideal South Florida beach town, having been blessed with natural beauty and an enlightened populace. It possesses a small-town feel with big-city amenities.

Delray Beach has long been a resort community, but in recent decades it has attracted more college grads, young families, and Kinks (dual income, no kids). They’re drawn by the town’s relative affordability, employer base, and enviable beaches. It’s a growing small city (pop 65,000) with a dynamic outlook. Florida Trend magazine declared it the best-run town in the state.

On the north side, Delray Beach begins at George Bush Road and Ocean Avenue (A1A). As is the case all over Palm Beach County, you see nice beachfront homes out here, too, but the feeling is more open and accessible. For one thing, there are no buildings on the ocean side of A1A along Delray’s lengthy public stand.

During peak season, Delray Beach gets wild but not crazy, perhaps because of its roots are solidly Midwestern. Delray takes its name from a suburb of Detroit. The original plots were sold through advertisements in Michigan newspapers in the 1890s. A century later, we’d compare it to Capitola, California, another beach town of comparable dimensions that is well-mannered and fun, with a tough of arty gentility to balance out the sandy side of the ledger. They haven’t over-commercialized the beachfront at Delray. Moreover, it is a safe, well-patrolled stretch of sand. Though Delray Beach lies only 45 miles north of Miami, its residents and visitors move around in comparative tranquility. You can take a moonlight walk on the beach, for instance, without fear of mugging.

The renovated downtown, with its Old School Square, gives off a homey village feel. A VFW hall, Christian Science reading room, and newly expanded public library are all within walking distance of the beach.

One of Delray’s most unique attractions is the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens (4000 Morikami Park Road, 561/495-0233). Located three miles west of town, it’s living tribute to a clump of Japanese settlers who came here in the early 1900s to establish an agricultural community. Their plan was to farm tropical plants, but the commune (“Yamato Colony”) didn’t pan out. However, one tenacious pilgrim, George Sukeji Marikami, eventually grew rich from his pineapple plantation. He donated the 200-acre property to the twon in the 1970s, along with its meticulous gardens, waterfalls, bonsai trees, nature trail, and two galleries filled with Japanese cultural artifacts. Strict adherence to customs extends to visitors, who are asked to remove their shoes before entering.

For more information, contact the Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce, 64 Southeast 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483, 561/278-0424,
Palm Beach

Florida’s Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a hedonistic place where the rich lead lives of self-indulgent ease and luxury. The prevailing attitude can best be expressed by a sight we saw one afternoon in front of The Breakers, an exclusive, world-famous beach resort. Two head-turning babes in a red Corvette cruised down the long driveway, wheeled to a stop beside the Florentine fountain and took turns photographing each other striking poses atop the car’s hood. With the posh resort as a backdrop, they seemed to be saying, “Eat your heart out – all this is mine!” Of course none of it was theirs, and even the car was likely rented or borrowed. But it’s the image that counts.

Palm Beach is synonymous with money, privacy, and the opportunities for decadence afforded by both. Hunter S. Thompson captured it perfectly wile covering the debauched Roxanne Pulitzer divorce trial for Rolling Stone: “It is the ultimate residential community, a lush sand bar lined with palm trees and mansions on the Gold Coast of Florida – millionaires and old people, an elaborately protected colony for the seriously rich, a very small island and a very small world.”

The term “Palm Beach” is inseparable from the word “socialite.” Just for kicks, we searched the online archives of the Miami Herald for the phrase “Palm Beach socialite” and came up with more than 500 articles over the past 20 years. Many bore the headlines like these: “Millionaire Charged in Wife’s Murder, but Palm Beach Suspect Missing,” “Palm Beach Socialite a Suspect in Daughters’ Kidnapping,” “Jewelry Missing, Police Hint Robber May Have Killed Palm Beach Socialite.” And, of course, there are sad announcements of some doyenne’s passing, such as this: “Nancy ‘Trink’ Gardiner, a philanthropist and socialite who gained notoriety by shooting her husband, has died after a brief illness.”

Though Palm Beach sits beside an ocean, the resorts tend to focus on golf, tennis, and shopping. The game of golf is an obsession down here because it can be played all year long. There are 160 golf courses in Palm Beach County – more than any other county in Florida, which has more course than any other state in the country.

Odds are you’re not coming to Palm Beach for a traditional beach vacation. The town is primarily a winter playground for the wealthy, who jet down from places like New York, Newport, and Nantucket when cold weather arrives. Its reputation as an enclave of high society is a drawing card that’s used to pump up Palm Beach County tourism on the theory that people like to be around money. What they don’t tell you is that an outsider stands less chance of penetrating the social whirl than the domestic help. An outside of the high season (December-April), Palm Beach is honest-to-God not happening.

It is actually a rather small place, with a year-round population of 10,500 that swells to 25,000 in winter. The community’s origins as a winter hideout for the wealthy dates back to Henry Flagler – yes, him again – and his construction of two resort hotels (The Breakers and Royal Poinciana) and a splendid private mansion (Whitehall). A gift to his third wife, Mary Lily Kenan, Whitehall operates today as the Flagler Museum (1 Whitehall Way, 561/655-2833). It has variously been referred to as the Taj Mahal of the South, the San Simeon of the East, and the most magnificent private residence in the nation. Each room in the immense marble mansion was designed and furnished after a defferent period: Italian Renaissance, French Renaissance, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI. We fantasized a room decorated in early garage-rock: Louie, Louie. At Whitehall, Flagler fell dow a flight of stairs and died of his injuries on May 20, 1913. Don’t feel too sorry for him, though as he lived to the ripe old age of 93. Admission to Whitehall is $10 for adults and $3 for children 6-12.

We can’t help but think that Flagler would be pleased with the look of Palm Beach today. In a droll turn of phrase, the historic WPA Guide to Florida had this to say about Palm Beach in the 1930s: “Its habitués constitute a fragment of international society seeking June in January and the pleasures afforded by right of social prestige and heavy purse.” In all essential aspects, the town has little changed since those words were written. The streets and “vias” of Palm Beach remain lined with private mansions hidden behind huge, boxy hedges. Beyond the torn curtain that afforded glimpses of sordid goings-on in that world during the Pulitzer divorce and William Kennedy Smith rape trials, we’ll never know.

We will make cursory mention of West Palm Beach, a bona fide city lies on the mainland side of the Intracoastal Waterway. Its population is nearly eight times that of Palm Beach, and it is at least eight times less glamorous, too. West Palm Beach is a city of malls girdled by freeways, yet it has in recent years made remarkable strides in reclaimng its downtown and protecting its distinctive neighborhoods. It has a multicultural mix that Palm Beach decidedly does not.

There are other communities with the words “Palm Beach” in them, too. North Palm Beach, South Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Beach Shores, yada yada yada. They all want a touch of that tony Palm Beach cachet, but only Palm Beach Shores even comes close.

Gradually, it sinks in that the Palm Beaches are scaled-down , East Coast version of Southern Califorina, specifically Los Angeles. If West Palm Beach is downtown L.A. then Palm Beach is Malibu. Varous other towns (Riviera Beach, Lantana, Lake Worth, the other Palm Beaches) are arrayed around it. One travels great distances on highways and bridges to get from point to point. It all adds up to a bulging, spread-out mass of civilization that is utterly dependent on the automobile and seemingly heedless of the consequences of sud dependency. On our last visit, as war raged in Iraq and oil hit $80 per barrel, a new Hummer dealership was opening on traffic-chocked Okeechobee Boulevard.

In the emphasis on wealth and living well beneath the bright and sometimes blinding sun, the Palm Beach evoke all the rewards and frustrations that also make the City of Angles tick so maniacally.

For more information, contact the Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beaches, 45 Coconut Row, Palm Beach, Fl 33840, 561/655-3282, www.palmbeaches.com; or the Palm Beach County Convention and Visitors Bureau, 1555 Palm Lakes Boulevard, Suite 204, West Palm Beach, Fl 33401, 561/233-3000,

Best destinations for Inexpensive Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples

Best destinations for Inexpensive Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples

Inexpensive Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples

Romantic getaways are enticing, and everyone needs it every now and then. However, it is also natural for lovers and couples to go on a tight budget. Here are some inexpensive romantic weekend getaways that anyone can afford and enjoy.

Acadia National Park

Best destinations for Inexpensive Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples
Best destinations for Inexpensive Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples

Acadia National Park is located in New England. The park is notable for being the first ever national park to be built eastwards of Mississippi. Couples would particularly appreciate the magnificent views of the park’s coastal terrain. Inside the park itself, visitors can find more than 500 plant species, and 300 kinds of birds. The highest East Coast peak can also be found in Acadia, towering an impressive 1,530 feet above sea level.

The park is best experienced through camping, hiking, and mountain biking. If you’re looking to enjoy a quiet and secluded weekend vacation, it is best to visit the park during the fall because it is off-season and there are not much visitors to the park.


The state of Colorado itself is a perfect place for a romantic weekend getaway. In here, you can enjoy a variety of activities. For the couples who are climbing enthusiasts, the state has a thousand peaks which reach up to 10,000 feet in height. It also has 54 peaks higher than 10,000, the tallest among them 14,000 feet. Other recreational activities that can make for an unforgettable romantic weekend getaway in Colorado include fishing, skiing, hunting, and golfing. These are but a few of what you could do. Of course, you can always sight-see.

Biltmore House

The Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina is a perfect spot to visit if you and your loved one is up for some history. The chateau, which is inspired by French architecture, was once the home of George Washington Vanderbilt. It is still owned by Vanderbilt’s descendants, much it has been reduced by 85,000 acres after the widow of Vanderbilt sold that land to the federal government. These 85,000 acres were then converted to the Pisgah National Forest which you can also visit for your weekend getaway. The estate itself on which the house stands is in itself 8,000 acres and is a National Historic Landmark. All in all, the house is a showcase of rich history during its heyday, including a display of how a Biltmore House maid could’ve lived at those times.

Poconos, PA

The Poconos in Pennsylvania is another example of inexpensive romantic weekend getaways. The place offers six great lakes, which you and your loved one can use to enjoy yourself. You can just simply relax, or you can go boating, fishing or swimming in the waters. There are rental homes in Poconos that offer lodging up in the Pocono Mountains, which are perfect for a quiet and private weekend. Of course, you can always go down to the local area and sample its offerings. You can go horseback riding, or if you have a lot of fun, you can try joining a game of paintball. You can also try the many rides in the amusement parks, or have some excitement while jetskiing in the Lake Wallenpaupack.

Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples In Ontario

Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples In Ontario

Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples In Ontario

Ontario is one of the ideal places to visit for a romantic weekend getaway. In here, one can find sights such as the beautiful Niagara Falls and some little towns and villages that will surely perk your interest. Here are some of the places to visit as romantic weekend getaways in Ontario.

The Niagara on the Lake

If you can get your hands on a weekend package for Niagara on the Lake by all means do so. The trip to the Niagara Peninsula is ideal for those couples seeking good sightseeing opportunities, and also for those couples who would love to sample wine-tasting as well as seeing the many wineries that populate the area. You can also tour the many vineyards that grow the raw material for Niagara’s wines by touring the entire Niagara Wine Route where the many wineries of the peninsula can be found. Of course, you can always participate in tours of the Niagara Falls.

The best time to visit would be in January, when the area hosts to the Niagara Icewine Festival.

Cottage Country

Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples In Ontario
Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples In Ontario

The Cottage Country is considered the most romantic place to spend a holiday in the southern part of Ontario. In here you can find attractions such as the Deer Lake Trout Farm and Archery. If you would like to enjoy a weekend of fishing, the farm is ideal. In here you can find rainbow trouts as big as 45 inches in its spring-fed pond. The best thing is, you don’t need a fishing license to fish in the Deer Lake Trout Farm and Archery and there is no limit to how much you can catch. Fishing supplies are available in the Farm as well; all you need to bring along is your fishing rod.

The farm is located 27 kilometers from Huntsville, just a kilometer away from Deer Lake.

Resorts of Ontario

Of course, no romantic weekend is complete without visiting all the resorts that Ontario has to offer. Resorts are always the perfect examples of romantic weekend getaways in Ontario. Here are some of the resorts that one can find:

Clevelands House. Clevelands House is located in a sprawling 408-acre property on the shores of Lake Rosseau in Muskoka. Besides the waterfront which can accommodate up to 475 people, Clevelands House has a host of many different features like tennis courts, golf courses, swimming pools and watersports. It also has a renowned children caretaking program that all guests can avail of.

Beaver Creek Resort. Beaver Creek Resort is located at the Beaver Creek Lane, in Gilmour, Ontario. A great place for a romantic weekend getaway, the resort affords guests log cabins that are surrounded by natural forests providing a very natural and relaxing ambience. The Resort also offers gourmet dining services as well as explorations of nearby Algonquin Park and Egan Chute. Guests can also enjoy trail riding and fishing in the resort’s vicinity. The resort also has complete amenities including spa services and cedar hot tubs that are all open to the resort’s guests.

It doesn’t matter if you’re from Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Vermont, or Fayetteville, Ontario will surely welcome you with open arms.

Poconos Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples

Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples in Paconos, Pennsylvania

Are you growing tired of city life and you wish to spend a few moments with your loved one during the weekend? You’re in luck because you do have a very excellent choice. There are plenty of Poconos romantic weekend getaways you can do.

The Paconos region is actually part of Pennsylvania. It’s a favorite tourist destination for those who are living near the state, such as Philadelphia and New York (NY). After all, the beautiful sceneries and the various trails allow two people to do a lot of activities during the weekend. They are not constrained with the usual dinner setup.

But what can you exactly do at Pocono? Let us try to count the ways:

1. Enjoy the waters.

The biggest lake in Pennsylvania known as Lake Wallenpaupack isn’t only ideal for fishing; but you can also sail or cruise, snorkel, swim, and even scuba dive. You can bring your equipment with you, or you can opt to rent them at those rental stations found near the lake. Don’t forget to bring those picnic baskets.

2. Hike through the Appalachian Trail.

If both of you are adventurous and you want to work on those legs, then you can simply follow the hiking trail of the Appalachian Mountains that actually start from Maine and end in Georgia (GA). It’s definitely going to be a long walk, but you will surely not mind the sweat and the weary when you can see picturesque sceneries and dense rainforests. You can even see a number of animals along the way. What’s more, there are a lot of people who take on the same route, so you can surely widen both of your networks by getting to know other couples.

3. Treat yourself to luxury.

If you have some money to spare, you can always opt to relax in a spa or a massage salon right at Poconos. There are actually a number of resorts that you can choose from. There are also some night clubs and bars that you can hit, if you want to add some dancing and singing during your weekend romatic getaway. A good example will be the Mount Airy Lodge, which don’t charge any cover fees to the guest, though they have a dinner and show bundle that you can get for a mere $35.

4. Go horseback riding.

Poconos Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples
Poconos Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples

There are some farms and stables that offer horseback riding adventures to couples. You can hire them as you follow the different mountain trails. They are normally offered the whole year round, at a rate of between $6 and $10 every hour. If you aren’t comfortable riding alone, though, both of you can definitely share a horse. You can even save some bucks.

Indeed, Poconos romantic weekend getaways are ones you should seriously consider. If you need more excellent ideas, check out some affordable deals at the World Wide Web or in your local travel agency. After all, for your loved one, you’ll definitely going to go for the extra mile.

Quick weekend getaways in Texas For Couples: Natural Spots And Modern Wonders

Quick weekend getaways in Texas For Couples

A quick weekend getaways for couples in Texas are filled with fun and adventure. Texas is one of the most exciting places in the United States. The second largest and second most populous state in the country is home to booming cities, towering mountains, verdant forests, canyons, beaches, and desserts. Texas is also home to distinct cultures, sumptuous cuisine, historical landmarks, and beautiful sites.

I believe that couples living in the state are very fortunate because they live in modern cities surrounded by some of the most majestic attractions in the world. The state is ideal for people who want to break free from the busy lifestyle in the cities. Texas has many natural landscapes, modern attractions, and over 600 miles of shoreline for leisure, quality time, and enjoyment. Here are some of the best getaway plans for couples:

Romantic getaway ideas For Couples: Desserts And Canyons

Texas is known for its grand canyons and desserts. Couples will surely enjoy visiting the desserts of Chihuhuan and Tamaulipan Mezquital. Activities in these areas include sand-boarding and sightseeing. Canyons like the Blanco Canyon, Lake George, Palo Duro, and Yellow House are ideal for couples who want to spend their vacation in unique and picturesque places.

Romantic vacation ideas : Nature Trip

weekend getaways in the southThe state has a variety of natural wonders that are perfect for vacation, honeymoons, and getaways. The Big Ben Natural Park is the perfect weekend getaway because it has a mountain, a river, and a dessert. This protected area is home to different species of cacti, oak trees, and wild flowers. I highly suggest that couples visit this area between March and April because the cactus blooms create a more romantic ambiance. The place is also home to a diverse wildlife like skunks, deers, black bears, rabbits, kangaroo rats, rock squirrels, foxes, coyotes, and many others. On the other hand, the Guadalupe Mountain is also a good weekend destination because of the rock formations, caverns, and caves in the area. The place is perfect for couples who are looking for a unique adventure.

Aonther vacation ideas : Modern Wonders

Texas is not just home to impressive natural attractions, but to modern wonders as well. The State Aquarium is one of my favorite places in the area. Couples will surely get a lot of information and entertainment in this large aquarium. It displays a diverse amount of fish that can be found in the Gulf Coast. The place is also perfect for educational tours and academic research. The Johnson Space Center is another modern attraction visited by thousands every year. Couples will definitely enjoy the informative tours and space shuttle visits in the area. People will get the chance to experience an artificial space shuttle ride and moon landing.

Weekend getaways in the south :In The Beach

The state is also proud of its beautiful beaches and shorelines. Couples will definitely have fun in the crystalline waters of San Jose Island, Magnolia Beach, Padre Island, Aransas Beach, Rockport Beach, Matagorda Island, and Galveston Island. Activities like snorkelling, swimming, playing beach volleyball, diving, sailing, and surfing are perfect beach activities in Texas weekend getaways for couples.

Romantic vacation ideas : Weekend Getaways For Couples In PA

exciting weekend getaways for couples in Pa

I believe that there are a lot of Romantic vacation ideas and exciting weekend getaways for couples in Pa. Pennsylvania is a state where modernity meets nature. The state plays a significant role in the history of The United States. It is blessed with beautiful tourist attractions, progressive cities, wonderful people, and good living conditions. The place is ideal for vacation, leisure, and other exciting activities because of its perfect geographical location, natural wonders, and culture.

Big cities like Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh has a lot of exciting destinations. Couples can choose from clubbing, dining at a fine restaurant, watching movie, having a picnic at the park, ice-skating during winter, and visiting art museums. Despite the exciting life in these cities, many couples still look for good destinations where they can spend a quality weekend with their partners. I suggest that couples should do these activities during the weekend:

Romantic vacation ideas In Pa: Commune With Nature

Romantic weekend getaways PA
Romantic weekend getaways PA

Pennsylvania has many natural spots that can serve as a refuge from the stressful life in the city. For couples who want to enjoy the beauty of nature, they can drive to the Pocono Mountains. This popular mountain paradise is the home of the popular Pocono Water Fall. Couples can stay in lodges, enjoy the warm pools, and go nature trekking. The place is home to a variety of wildlife like deers, birds, and squirrels. I recommend that couples should visit the area during autumn in order to witness the scenic view of the autumn foliage and the flock of migrating birds in the sky. Other good weekend destinations include the peaceful countryside of Amish, the natural parks in Neshaminy and Evansburg, the Indian Caverns, and the No.9 Mines and Museum.

Enjoy The Waters

While other couples prefer spending a weekend in mountain resorts, others want to enjoy the heat of the sun and the breeze of the sea. The beaches of Presque Isle are the perfect destinations for those who love the sun and the sea. Couples will surely enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear waters, playing beach sports, and taking photographs of the picturesque area. The place is ideal for summer outings when the sea is at its calmest. Read more about Poconos Romantic Weekend Getaways for couples

Walk Through The Pages Of History

Gettysburg is one of the most historical places in the United States. It is where the battle of Gettysburg took place. For couples who want to go back to history, visiting places in the borough is a very interesting weekend activity. People can visit historical sites like the Gettysburg National Military Park, Gettysburg Museum of History, the American Civil War Museum, Eisenhower National Historic Site, and the Cyclorama Exhibit. These places are also good for educational trips, research, and history tours.

Visit The Popular Attractions

Aside from its historical sites and natural landscapes, the state is also home to many world-famous attractions. I highly recommend visiting the architectural wonder called the “Fallingwater.”  The residence of the Kauffman family is designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is unique because it is constructed on top of a waterfall. Another popular weekend destination is the exciting Kennywood amusement park. Couples will surely experience a one-of-a-kind adrenaline rush while riding the famous Jack Rabbit Roller coaster, Exterminator Ride, and Cosmic Chaos. Other exciting weekend getaways for couples in Pa include Hershey Park, Sesame Place, Route 6 Potter Country, and Dorney Park.

Magic In The Great Lakes State: Michigan Weekend Getaways For Couples

I have so many ideas for Michigan weekend getaways for couples. I love the state because of its innate romantic ambiance, recreation spots, tourist attractions, and cold weather. The state is ideal for romantic dates, weekend vacation, and outings. Here are some of my suggestions for a memorable weekend getaway:

A Date In The Lake: Michigan Weekend Getaways For Couples

One of the five great lakes in North America, Lake Michigan is one of the top destinations for couples who want to spend quality time with one another. Activities in the area include fishing, boating, swimming, beach combing, skiing, para-flying and kite-flying. A new activity called dune ride attracts many visitors daily. People ride in a 4-wheel vehicle across the sand dunes. The lakes are perfect for dinner dates, leisure, and physical activities. Lovers will definitely love the area.

Nature Escapade

Michigan Weekend Getaways For Couples
Michigan Weekend Getaways For Couples

The state is a natural paradise. Natural wonders like the Isle Royal National Park and Tahquamenon Falls are two of the most beautiful attractions in the area. The Isle Royal is a protected wilderness zone where people can go trekking, boating, kayaking, fishing, and sightseeing. The place is known for its diverse wildlife like moose, ducks, foxes, squirrels, songbirds, eagles, woodpeckers, and a lot more. Tahquamenon Falls is one of the most breathtaking attractions in the area. It is composed of an upper fall and a lower fall. The upper fall is 50-feet high, while the lower falls are five smaller cascades. Couples can go hiking, fishing, trekking, and camping in the area. Lovers will definitely have a very romantic time since nature serves as a good backdrop for dates and getaways.

To The Winter Wonderland: Michigan Weekend Getaways For Couples

Michigan’s cold climate makes it an ideal place for winter sports and recreations. Couples can still enjoy having weekend getaways during the cold months because the state has many winter parks. Lovers can spend a memorable time together at winter camps. Activities like skiing, ice fishing, photography, snowmobiling, ice skating, and playing winter sports are popular in places like Porcupine Mountains State Park, Albert Sleeper State Park, and Pando Winter Sports Park.

Modern Attractions

Aside from these natural destinations, the state is also home to many modern attractions that will surely bring information, entertainment, and enjoyment. Couples who want to spend their weekends on an informative trip should go to places like the Detroit Historical Museum. It is home to historical artifacts, artworks, and literary materials. The museum’s Cadillac tower is hailed as the highest museum in the world. Other places of leisure include the MGM Grand Detroit, and the world famous Grand Hotel located on the island of Mackinac. MGM is an ideal place for gambling, entertainment, and sport activities. On the other hand, the Grand hotel is perfect for romantic dates, concerts, and honeymoons.

Lovers will never get bored in the Great Lakes State because the place is blessed with so many wonderful natural and artificial attractions. People will enjoy romantic escapades and quality time in Michigan weekend getaways for couples.

Weekend Getaways for couples in Ohio

Weekend Getaways for couples in Ohio

Although there are plenty of opportunities for weekend getaways for couples in Ohio, not many people are aware of them. There are numerous spots here that make ideal Ohio weekend getaways, regardless of whether you are looking for a vacation jam-packed with activities or prefer something more serene and relaxing.

Weekend Getaways for couples in OhioHocking Hills State Park – If you are keen on including a little exercise with your weekend getaways in Ohio, this may just be the ideal spot to do so. Located in the hills of Southeastern Ohio, this all-natural gem offers year-round holiday activities such as skiing during the winter months or traditional hiking for the rest of the year. Visitors to this picturesque location can choose from various forms of accommodations to accompany their stay. There are smaller cabins that sleep between 4 and 8 people, and for larger groups of visitors, the log homes and lodges can accommodate between 10 and 20 people each. Pet-friendly accommodations are also available at this resort, which is also quite advantageous.

Ozone Zip Line Adventures – Geared towards couples or families with children over the age of 10 years, this is sure to be one of the most thrilling weekend getaways in Ohio. When booking your zip line adventure trip, you will have a choice of 14 hotels to stay in. Visitors will be able to select from a number of zip tour options, including a Traditional Tour, an Ultimate Tour, a River Tour and a Full Moon Night Zipping Tour (2 nights per month only). Tour times vary depending on season and weather conditions, and prior booking is essential. Some additional booking options are family camp weekends, which include activities such as archery, traditional camper activities, a climbing wall, and canoeing.

Cleveland, Ohio Museums – Those who are interested in the history of rock and roll music will thoroughly enjoy a trip into Cleveland to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. Famous exhibits on display here include, but are certainly not limited to, items like a guitar that once belonged to Jimi Hendrix, and a passport belonging to one of the most famous musicians of all time – John Lennon from the Beatles. If you are looking for a little more art and culture during any of your weekend getaways in Ohio, there is also the option of visiting the recently renovated Cleveland Museum of Art.

Greater Cleveland Aquarium – This is an absolute must-see for families when planning weekend getaways in Ohio. There is a host of activities that will keep families entertained for hours, including fish feeding, a Very Important Guest (VIG) Tour and numerous other opportunities to interact with some of the aquarium’s inhabitants. Daily activities include seeing scuba divers feeding the sharks, along with interactive tortoise and other animal encounters. Those who are keen to spend the night in one of Ohio’s largest aquariums can opt for the Zzz’s in the Seas Overnight Program. This will enable families to enjoy animal encounters, a guided night aquarium tour, crafts and scores of other exciting activities.

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad – When planning your weekend getaways in Ohio, why not book a train tour for you and your family to enjoy? Opting for one of these trips as part of your plans forgetaways in Ohio will enable you to explore the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This 3-hour trip will take place in a vintage rail car, giving you the feeling of traveling back in time. The Peninsula Explorer option will enable you and your family to visit numerous galleries and shops, take a hiking trail through to the historic village of Peninsula and even enjoy lunch at one of many restaurants in the area. This is an ideal opportunity to simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

The Cleveland Arcade. No weekend getaways in Ohio would feel quite complete without at least one shopping trip being added to the itinerary. The Cleveland Arcade is the oldest indoor shopping mall in the United States, and opened its doors for the first time in May 1890. Since then, this mall has grown to include shops like the Federal Coin Exchange, which boasts the largest inventory of stamps and coins in the Midwest. Other tenants include luxury day spas, numerous restaurants and fast food eateries, tailor shops and many more stores that are sure to delight even the most discerning shoppers.

When planning any Ohio getaways, be sure to add at least 1 or 2 of these places to your itinerary. There is simply so much to see and do here, that you will have to consider planning multiple weekend getaways in Ohio in order to see everything that you would like to see. In fact, many visitors have reported that after visiting Ohio once, they are more eager than ever before to return.